Rustica House Reviews

In Rustica House outlet, most products are handmade. No doubt, positive Rustica House reviews from customers are so essential to us. They create a bond of trust between the company and our buyers. This is the example of another positive rating of Rustica House copper bathtub “I am glad I found this copper tub without the rings. My bathroom is in country style and they look too much Mexican. My tub was ordered as 72 inches long with a drain back, patina dark. It was delivered four weeks after the payment as they indicated at the beginning and it was delivered on a pallet. Took me a while to remove the tub from the crate and once I did it was in good condition.” Rustic appliances and fixtures are our flagship products. They are popular in our rustic household furnishing and garden product online store . It can be easily customized for size and finish. It comes in wall mount and island version and those accumulated many customer reviews from the US home interior decorators, architects, residential developers and home improvement contractors.

rustica iron product review

Myrustica brand uses various materials including zinc, brass, tin, talavera ceramic, cantera stone, wood and forged iron. Rest assured you will never get products that are carbon copy of each other. It is not Ikea where you can buy exactly the same household furnishings whichever country you are living in. The process of creating an item is quite interactive. Rustica House reviews of production output deals mostly with the fact that it can be partially or fully personalized. We are happy to accept individual interior designer’s projects to manufacture in our workshop. That is why the five star positive feedback is so important for our company and we cherish all best Rustica House positive reviews from customers all around the world. It helps us to draw a line in the direction we should evolve our designing efforts. Apart of our classic product category that are in the majority kept in a colonial style, we are always trying to introduce new shapes, forms and ideas, many times inspired by the requests we got from our customers or their interior architects and designers.

rustic home improvement products

In the case of decorative vent hood products, if you check our collection soon you will discover that we offer designing solutions ranging from very Mexican getting positive reviews to highly modern and minimalist ones. Although we specialize in Southern architectural elements and furnishings influenced by Spanish hacienda which is predominant in the region of Michoacan where our online store is based. We can produce your made-to-order exhaust hood in a different styling using for example smooth and hammered straps that are slightly darker adding some rustic flavor. The choice of finishing patina depends entirely on the buyer and existing bathroom, living room or bedroom decor, the color of the floor and walls. In addition, hammering techniques can vary. It can be round or even irregular making this precious metal appear antique.

We are looking forward to Rustica House positive reviews from happy customers satisfied from buying our rustic home improvement products for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and garden.

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